Boutenac, an adventure in the Corbières

The wine culture of this little corner of the Corbières has developed since the roman period and has continued to expand. In the first century of our era, the roman legions already harvested grapes in the Corbières. The oldest regional wine reference is in Boutenac, in the place called "Villa mayor"which has become "Villemajou".

In the middle ages, the abbeys formed the basis of the today's wineries, tirelessly cultivating the poor land of the Corbières. Between the 17th and 20th centuries, the region experienced a turbulent history marked both by strong growth (creation of the Canal du Midi and of the railway) and by an unprecedented crisis (the phyloxera epidemic).

In 1985, the Corbières AOC was recognized by the National Institute of Designations of Origin (INAO). Later, a commission of inquiry noted that local products of Boutenac have a global quality that differentiates them from other sectors of the Corbières appellation. Thirty winegrowers are grouped into the winegrowers association for the defence of the"terroir"of Boutenac.

It took more than a decade of work to get the official recognition of this“terroir“ as Controlled Origin Appellation Corbières-Boutenac in 2005. The winegrowers Association is now known as the AOC Corbières-Boutenac Union.
Today, the "Cru" Boutenac became one of the first apellations of the Languedoc. The young generations of winegrowers continue to preserve the wine tradition of this “terroir“. The chapels of Saint Siméon and Gasparets are ensuring that...

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Syndicat de l'AOC Corbières-Boutenac

Le Château 11200 Boutenac, France
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